Selensulfid SeS2| Sulfide

Selensulfid (Selendisulfid) SeS2, 99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N purity, molecular weight 143.09, melting point 111ºC, boiling point 119ºC, CAS No. 56093-45-9, is practically insoluble in water, bright orange to reddish-brown color with smelling light hydrogen sulfide. Selenium Sulfide is an inorganic compound that is a mix of sulfur and selenium, growth of SeS2 Kristall durch langsame Verdampfungstechnik, die Herstellung von Selensulfid SeS2kristalliner Dünnfilm durch chemische Badabscheidung mit guter Transmission, Absorption, Dielektrizitätskonstante und Brechungsindex, Selensulfid wird zu einem wichtigen Verbundmaterial in den Anwendungen in Detektoren, optischen, thermoelektrischen Kühlmaterialien, Elektrodenmaterialien oder als nützliche Werkzeuge für gute Passivierung pass Mittel zur Verbesserung von Verbindungshalbleitern der III-V-Gruppe für optoelektronische Anwendungen, photovoltaische Vorrichtungen, für Apparate und Instrumente und andere photonische Anwendungen. Selensulfid SeS2 at Western Minmetls (SC) Corporation with 99.99% 4N 99.999% 5N purity is in size of micropowder, nanopowder, granule, lump, chunk, bar, bulk crystal and single crystal etc or as customized specification.

Sulfidverbindungen beziehen sich hauptsächlich auf die Metallelemente und Metalloidverbindungen, diese Elemente haben eine stöchiometrische Zusammensetzung, aber ihre Zusammensetzung kann innerhalb eines bestimmten Bereichs geändert werden, um eine feste Lösung auf Verbindungsbasis zu bilden. Intermetallische Verbindungen liegen aufgrund ihrer hervorragenden Eigenschaften zwischen Metall und Keramik und werden zu einem wichtigen Zweig der neuen Baumaterialien. Die Verbindung von Arsensulfid As2S3, Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3, Gallium Sulfide Ga2S3, Germaniumsulfid GeS2, Indiumsulfid In2S3, Lithium Sulfide Li2S,  Molybdenum Sulfide MoS2, Selenium Sulfide SeS2, Sliver Sulfide Ag2S, Solid Electrolytes Li2S+GeS2+P2S5 und Li2S+SiS2+ Al2S3 multi-element sulfide composite electrode material, Tin Selenide SnS2, Titanium Sulfide TiS2, Zinc Sulfide ZnS and its (Li, Na, K, Be, Mg, Ca) compounds and Rare Earth compounds are available in form of powder, granule, lump, bar and substrate, and find many application as electrolyte material, semiconductor dopant, QLED display, IC field etc and other material fields.











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-60/-80mesh, 1-20mm Klumpen, 1-6mm Granulat, Zielscheibe oder Rohling



In Polyethylen-Flasche oder Verbundbeutel, je 1 kg.

Technische Spezifikation

Bi2S3 (2)

Bismuth Sulfide oder Bismuth Trisulfide Bi2S3, 99.995%, 99.999%, CAS 1345-07-9, MW 514.16, melting point 685°C, density 7.6-7.8g/cm³, brownish black orthogonal crystal, is insoluble in water and ethyl acetate, but soluble in nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. Bismuth Sulfide has the advantages of environmental friendly photoconductivity and nonlinear optical response. With a favourable band gap of 1.3 eV and a relatively large absorption coefficient of 10cm-1, Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 is a direct bandgap semiconductor which finds applications in photodetectors, photosensitizers, solar cells, supercapacitors, photoelectric converters, thermoelectric cooling process, optoelectronic devices and infrared spectroscopy. Belongs to group 15 (VA) post-transition metal trichalcogenides, orthorhombic structured Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 is a non-toxic N-type semiconductor material, Stoichiometric Bi2S3 has a layered structure favoring the formation of one-dimensional nanostructure such as nanowire, rod, tube, sheet and ribbon and so on, which exhibits excellent photocatalysis performance and has a wide range of application prospects in luminescent materials, nonlinear optical materials, photocatalysis materials. Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation with purity of 99.99% 4N can be delivered in form of powder, granule, lump, chunk, blank, bulk crystal and single crystal etc or as customized specification.


Gallium Sulfide or Digallium Trisulfide Ga2S3weißer Feststoff, Dichte 3,46~3,65g/cm3, melting point of 1090~1255°C, molecular mass 235.641, CAS 12259-25-5, is sensitive to moisture, dissolves in water slowly, and easily soluble in concentrated alkaline to form gallate salt but also soluble in hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. Gallium Sulfide yellow layered crystal sublimates at 900-10000C und zersetzen sich über dem Schmelzpunkt. Galliumsulfid Ga2S3 crystal 99.999% purity is yellow colored and transparent, which is synthesized by CVD chemical vapor deposition method. Alpha phase Gallium Sulfide is a semiconductor with an indirect band gap of ~2.6 eV.  Gallium Sulfide Ga2Sat Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation with purity of 99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N can be delivered in form of powder, granule, lump, chunk, blank, bulk crystal and single crystal etc or as customized specification, which is widely used for semiconductor industry and thin film solar cells. 

GeS2 (2)

Germanium Sulfide  oder  Germanium Disulfide GeS2, weißes Pulver, orthorhombische Struktur, Dichte: 2,19 g/cm3 , melting point 800°C, molecular mass 136.77, CAS No. 145114-13-2, is a compound of Germanium and Sulfur. Dry Germanium Sulfide is stable in air. Germanium monosulfide can only be prepared from weak acidic or alkaline solution, which will dissolve again when the acidity increases. It can also react with hydrogen chloride and decompose at room temperature. High purity Germanium Sulfide GeS2 99.999%, 99.9999% 5N 6N purity, reddish-yellow, amorphous or rhomb crystal and its related compounds are synthesized by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process at low temperatures and pressures, which has great utility in solid electrolyte memory elements and other electronic devices. Germanium Sulfide GeSat Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation with purity of 99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N can be delivered in form of powder, granule, lump, chunk, blank, bulk crystal and single crystal etc or as customized specification. 

In2S3 (2)

Indium Sulfide oder Indium Trisulfide In2S3, 99.99%, 99.999%, CAS 12030-14-7, density 5.18g/cm3, melting point 695oC, MW 325.831, black or reddish brown crystals, deformed NaCl structure, is stable at room temperature and insoluble in water and dilute acid. Single crystal Indium Sulfide In2S3, III-VI compound semiconductor, is a direct gap and N-type conductivity semiconductor. Indium sulfide In2S3 is a particular attractive semiconductor for solar cell, photoconductive, optical and electrical sensor, which has a good application prospect in photovoltaic and wide spectrum optoelectronic devices. It can be used as buffer layer of CIGS thin film solar cells. Furthermore, Indium Sulfide is easy to form compounds with other metal sulfides, such as indium silver disulfide, copper indium disulfide etc which are important semiconductor materials. Indium Sulfide In2S3 at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation with purity of 99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N in shape of powder, granule, lump, chunk, bulk crystal and single crystal etc is available or as customized specification, with package of polyethylene bottle or composite bag.

Li2S (2)

Lithium Sulfide Li2S, 99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N purity, yellowish white crystal, CAS 12136-58-2, MW 45.95, density 1.66g/cm3, melting point 938°C,boiling point 1372°C, reacts strongly with water and soluble in water, ethanol and acid but insoluble in alkali. Lithium Sulfide exists in two forms of orthorhombic and cubic structure with density of 1.75g/cm3 and 1.63g/cm3 respectively, it is considered to be a promising cathode material for safer energy storage cells. Lithium Sulfide is an anti-fluorite compound semiconductor, and its cubic Li2S is an indirect band-gap semiconductor of 3.865 eV, which is  a product specially designed for the use in high performance batteries which can be either applied as electrode material or as precursor for solid electrolytes. Usually, Lithium ion battery is an important part of current clean energy system for power supply and energy storage equipment of automobile, ship and aerospace equipment. However, commercial lithium ion batteries are mainly organic liquid or gel electrolyte, which are prone to leakage, flammable, explosive and other security risks. Compared with organic liquid or gel electrolyte, solid electrolyte Lithium Sulfide has the advantages of high safety, thermal stability and electrochemical stability. It has greater lithium ion conductivity and is safe in a wide voltage range. The lithium sulfur battery prepared has long life, high volume and high energy characteristics, and will become the development trend of electrolyte material in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, glass rubber, friction equipment and for light and safe portable electronic devices etc. Lithium Sulfide Li2S at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation with purity of 99.99% 4N can be delivered in form of powder, granule, lump, chunk, blank, bulk crystal and single crystal etc or as customized specification.


Molybdenum Sulfide oder Molybdenum Disulfide MoS2, dark gray with silver gray metallic luster and odorless, CAS 1317-33-5, MW 160.07, density 4.8g/cm3, melting point 1185°C, is hexagonal crystal system. It is soluble in hot sulfuric acid and aquaregia, but insoluble in water, concentrated sulfuric acid and dilute acid. Molybdenum Sulfide MoS2 is both N-type and P-type semiconductor with an indirect band gap of 1.2 eV, and monolayer MoS2 has a band gap of ~1.9eV. Molybdenum Sulfide MoS2 is the most famous of the single layer group-VI transition metal dichalcogenide TMD family. MoS2 has been used in bulk for many years as a solid state lubricant, this is due to its low coefficient of friction in addition to its high chemical and thermal stability. But as a new two-dimensional semiconductor material, molybdenum disulfide crystal is playing an increasingly important role in semi monolayer conductor field. When MoS2 transforms from bulk to two-dimensional semiconductor by Chemical vapor deposition CVD, the band structure changes from indirect band gap to direct band gap, and the band gap width is about 1.9ev. There are more applications in the field of semiconductor devices, photoelectric field, photodetector and transistor etc. Molybdenum Sulfide MoS2 at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation with purity of 99.99% 4N in powder, granule, lump, chunk, bulk crystal and single crystal etc is available or as customized specification, with package of polyethylene bottle or composite bag.

SNS (2)

Zinnsulfid or Tin Disulfide SnS2, dunkelgrau oder schwarz Kristallines Pulver oder Klumpen, Molmasse 182,84, Dichte 4,5 g/cm²3, CAS-Nr.1314-95-0, Siedepunkt 1202.34°C, ist unlöslich in Wasser, Salzsäure und Salpetersäure, aber löslich in konzentrierter Salzsäure HCl (zersetzt), Königswasser und Laugen. Zinnsulfid ist eine Verbindung von Zinn und Schwefel durch den Prozess des Vakuumschmelzens bei hoher Temperatur und hohem Druck und Zonenschwimmverfahren. Zinnsulfid oder Zinndisulfid SnS2 crystal 99.995% 99.999% 4N5, 5N purity by Flux Zone growth is golden yellow crystal appearance, belongs to p-type IV-VI semiconductor with an indirect band gap of ~2.2 eV, which is of interest for use as a nontoxic, inexpensive component in heterojunction photovoltaic devices, Polymerization catalyst. Tin Sulfide SnS2 at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation with purity of 99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N can be delivered in form of powder, granule, lump, chunk, blank, bulk crystal and single crystal etc or as customized specification.


Arsensulfid or Diarsenic Trisulfide As2S3, rot glänzender monokliner Kristall, CAS-Nr.1303-33-9, Schmelzpunkt 360 °C, Siedepunkt 707 °C, Molekulargewicht 246,04, Dichte 3,5 g/cm²3, is soluble in acids and alkalis but insoluble in water. As2S3 occurs both in crystalline and amorphous forms. Arsenic Sulfide As2S3 is a group V/VI, intrinsic P-type semiconductor with a direct band-gap of 2.7 eV. and exhibits photo-induced phase-change property. The wide band gap makes it transparent to infrared between 620 nm and 11 µm. Arsenic trisulfider or Arsenic Trisulfide crystalline solid finds applications in depilatory agent, paint pigment, shot manufacturing, pyrotechnics, fireworks, acousto-optic material and used as a semiconductor and in photo optic applications etc. It can be used as a high resolution photoresist material to fabricate 3D nanostructures. Arsenic trisulfide is manufactured into amorphous form as a chalcogenide glass for infrared optics, which is more resistant to oxidation than crystalline arsenic trisulfide. Arsenic Sulfide or Arsenic Trisulfide Arsenic Sulfide As2Sat Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation with purity of 99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N can be delivered in form of powder, granule, lump, chunk, blank, bulk crystal and single crystal etc or as customized specification.

Ag2S (2)

Silver Sulfide Ag2Sgrey black solid, CAS Number: 21548-73-2, MW 247.8, density 6.82-7.23g/cm3, melting point 825℃, insoluble in water but soluble in sulfuric acid and nitric acid. Silver sulfide Ag2S is one of the most requisite semiconducting sulfides, which has three basic polymorphic modifications of α-Ag2S phase (acanthite), β-Ag2S phase (argentite) and cubic γ-Ag2S phase. In normal conditions, bulk coarse-crystalline silver sulfide with α-Ag2S acanthite-type structure is a direct semiconductor with wide band gap of 0.9 eV, low charge-carrier mobility and good conductivity. Good chemical stability, ultra-low solubility, the presence of phase transition between a semiconducting acanthite and superionic argentite, which can be induced by external electric field without crystal heating, and unique optical and conductive characteristics of different phases of silver sulfide make it an excellent substance for preparation of nanostructured films and heteronanostructures with improved properties for possible application in optoelectronics, biosensing, in photochemical cells, infrared detectors, resistance-switches and in nonvolatile memory devices, an ideal semiconducting material for preparing low-toxicity quantum dots, photocatalysts in various redox-processes and for producing nanocomposite photocatalysts. Silver sulfide Ag2S at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation with purity of 99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N can be delivered in powder, granule, lump, chunk, bulk crystal and single crystal etc, or as customized specification, with vacuum packed by bottle or aluminum composite film bag.


Sulfid-Festelektrolyte Li2S+SiS2+ Al2Sund Li2S+SiS2+ Al2S3  Chemical batteries play an important role in energy storage and conversion, Lithium ion batteries have proven themselves the main choice of power sources for portable electronics. Besides consumer electronics, lithium ion batteries are also growing in popularity for military, electric vehicle, and aerospace applications. However, traditional lithium-ion batteries usually use organic liquid electrolytes with relatively high ionic conductivity, but there are many disadvantages such as the risk of inflammable and explosive, short life and low energy density. Im Vergleich zur Lithium-Ionen-Batterie mit flüssigem Elektrolyt kann eine All-Solid-State-Lithiumbatterie mit nicht brennbarem Festelektrolyt diese Probleme vermeiden, währenddessen kann der Festelektrolyt auch die Bildung von Lithiumdendriten effektiv hemmen und so die Lebensdauer der Batterie verbessern . Darunter sind Festelektrolyte auf Sulfidbasis weiter verbreitet und haben erhebliche Aufmerksamkeit auf sich gezogen, da sie hohe Leitfähigkeiten und gute mechanische Eigenschaften für die Bildung wirksamer Grenzflächen zwischen Festkörpern besitzen. Der typischste kristalline Sulfid-Festelektrolyt ist Thio-LISICON, ein Lithium-Superionischer Leiter, die neue kristalline Materialfamilie der Li 2S-GeS2-P2S5 System lautet die allgemeine chemische Formel Li4-xA1-xBxS4 (A=Ge, Si…, B= P, Al, Zn…), was die höchste Lithium-Ionen-Leitfähigkeit von 2,2 × 10 zeigt-3s cm-1bei Raumtemperatur, zusammen mit vernachlässigbarer elektronischer Leitfähigkeit, hohe elektrochemische Stabilität. Festelektrolytmaterialien Li2S+SiS2+ Al2S3 und Li2S+SiS2+ Al2S3, a novel and promising solid electrolytes, prepared by a high-energy ball-milling process or by a conventional melt-quenching method act as both an ionic conductor and a separating membrane in all-solid-state rechargeable lithium batteries, which have high ionic conductivity, negligible electronic conductivity, wide operating voltage window and good chemical compatibility with the electrode. Solid electrolyte materials Li2S+SiS2+ Al2Sund Li2S+SiS2+ Al2Sat Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation with purity of 99.99% 4N can be delivered in form of powder, granule, lump etc or as customized specification. 


Titanium Sulfide oder Titanium Disulfide TiS2, CAS 12039-13-3, density 3.22g/cm3, MW 112, a yellow to brown flake crystal with metallic luster, with an unpleasant odor, has diamagnetism and occurs crystal transformation at 147℃, and is ideal nonstoichiometric compound. It is stable at room temperature and stable for water, dilute sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, but nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid can separate sulfur from it, and decomposed by steam. Titanium Sulfide TiS2 single crystal or polycrystals has been synthesized by various techniques such as chemical vapor transport CVT, chemical vapor deposition CVD, atomic layer deposition ALD and wet chemical synthesis through mixing the sponge titanium with sulfur etc, it has been studied extensively for energy storage device, lithium batteries, optics, thermoelectric material application, target material and for research purpose etc. TiS2 has been considered as a degenerate, small-gap semiconductor or a semimetal owing to its high conductivity and optical absorption properties. Titanium Sulfide TiS2 at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation with 99.9% 3N, 99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N purity in form of powder, lump, granule, bulk crystal and single crystal etc are available, with package of vacuumed composite bag or bottle.


Zinc Sulfide ZnS 99.99%, 99.999% purity, CAS1314-98-3, MW 97.44, density 3.98g/cm3, melting point 1700oC, is white to grayish white or light yellow solid cubic crystalline with slightly pungent smell. It is a relatively stable in dry air, soluble in dilute inorganic acid but insoluble in water. Zinc Sulfide is important infrared window materials with the light transmission range of 0.35 ~ 14.51m. It also primarily used as photoconductor material and coating material for preparation of photo controlled bioelectrochemical sensor, flexible transparent conductive coating for manufacturing flexible displays, solar cells and other printed electronic devices, for color tunable LED, and for various filters and laser windows. It finds more application in fluorescent materials, semiconductor components, piezoelectric, photoelectric, thermoelectric devices, UV radiation, anode ray, X-ray, r-ray, laser radiation detector materials, ZnS film heterojunction optoelectronic devices etc. Zinc Sulfide ZnS at Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation with purity of 99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N in powder, granule, lump, chunk, bulk crystal and single crystal etc is available or as customized specification, with package of polyethylene bottle or composite bag.  


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